Ski Climb Support

Ski Plane Support for the Avid Mountaineer 

The area surrounding Haines, Alaska is hands down some of the best Ski-Mountaineering terrain on the entire planet.  For those individuals who have the back country experience necessary to mitigate the terrain, and are looking for transportation into this magical area, I am your guy.  I utilize a modified Cessna 180 for all of my mountain work.  The 180 can carry approx. 800 lbs in passengers/gear per flight, not including myself, my personal gear and fuel.  This weight is based upon perfect conditions, to discuss your particulars, please call me (907) 314-0675

The weather here can be volitile to say the least.  I have been flying the area for some time now and have a pretty strong grasp of what is and isn’t possible.  Just because it is sunny in town means nothing in regards to the weather in the mountains just outside of town or out towards the Pacific.  Inversly, it being socked-in in town has no bearing on what might be clear skies at 5,000′ on the glacier.

Also remember the iridium satellite phone is an essential tool for communication during your expedition. you can rent one from Anchorage Satellite Phones and you need to have it in hand upon arrival in Haines. Remember this is glacier country and with it comes holes to fall in… Get trained on proper glacier travel and have a solid understanding of snow science as the snowpack changes quickly as we can cover a lot of area in the plane.  If you need a guide I can line you up with one of the best! Furthermore, I follow weather at the NOAA page and expect you do the same as your trip becomes solidified..

I can service Haines area peaks, The Juneau Ice-Field, the Fairweather and St. Elias ranges.