Glacier Bay Flightseeing

Flightseeeing Tours in Glacier Bay

Folks, I guarantee your satisfaction on all scenic flights, period.

When you join me for a flightseeing flight on a cruise ship shore excursion or as an independent traveler, you’re heading into gorgeous country. If you want me to kick on the ipod so you can be in your own world, that’s fine. If on the other hand you want to hear about glaciology, geology, snow science and the time I buzzed the grizzly that was chasing some skiiers down the glacier- then I’ll gnaw your ear off. It’s your flight, I realize for many people this is a once in a lifetime experience, and I’ll treat it as such. I want to knock your socks off! Glacier Bay and the surrounding area is one of the most alluring wilderness areas on the entire planet, It’s certainly my personal paradise. I’d be keen on sharing it with you. Let’s go Flying!

For more information, check out Drake’s Guide to Flightseeing

Please note that the colored lines do not depict actual flight paths, but rather the general boundaries for the corresponding flights.

Glacier Bay Tour: East Arm

1 Hour Flightseeing Tour

If you have 1 hour to fit in your schedule, this is the best -hour you can possibly spend in- (things to do in) Glacier Bay!

We’ll fly over the Chilkat and Takhinsha Mountain ranges and descend into the splendor that is the East Arm. The McBride Glacier is extremely active. You will not be disappointed!

Please call 907-314-0675 for pricing

Glacier Bay Tour: West Arm

1.4 Hour Flightseeing Tour

The West Arm of Glacier Bay has twice the vertical relief of the East Arm!

From the tourquoise waters of the Rendu Inlet to the 15,000′ snow smattered walls of the Fairweather Range, to the John’s Hopkins glacier and the Brady Icefield; this area is phenomenal!

Please call 907-314-0675 for pricing


Outer Coast Flightseeing: Charter

2 Hour Custom flight

Trom the mountains to the sea; a flight of truly epic proportions and stark contrast.

We’ll see pristine uninhabited coastline and the home of the worlds highest recorded wave (a 1,726′ wall of water in Lituya Bay). These 2 hours will rock your world.

Call for Pricing: (907) 314-0675